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South Africa’s highest court ruled President Jacob Zuma has violated the country’s constitution by refusing to pay back at least some of the millions of dollars in public funds he’s spent on improvements to his personal residence. The Constitutional Court’s 11 justices were unanimous in ruling the president had, “failed to uphold, defend and respect the Constitution as the supreme law of the land” (NY Times).

People in Accra are questioning the capabilities of the Ghana Fire Service after a huge fire broke out at The Vienna City building, a popular entertainment complex in the city’s center. While there were no casualties, the building has been completely destroyed and there are reports GFS ‘did not respond immediately’ to the incident and fire fighters ran short of water trying to fight the flames (BBC News).

ICYMI President Muhammadu Buhari is asking the U.S. for ‘help to return stolen assets “stashed” in U.S. banks’ as part of his campaign to end corruption in Nigeria. Buhari made the request at a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry during this week’s nuclear security summit in Washington, D.C. (VOA).

Generation Next

Zeba Blay (@zblay) introduces us to Yagazie Emezi, ‘the social media star changing the way we see Africa’.  Check out all the ways Emezi shows the world the ‘captivating and vibrant side’ of Nigeria through her Youtube videos and on her Instagram account (Huffington Post).

Civic Tech

The team @OZY is looking at ‘leading-edge ideas in technology, health care and education’ emerging from different countries within Africa. This week, learn how drones could ‘be a game-changer for humanitarian purposes and trade’ in Rwanda (Ozy).

Biz Dev

Lillian Mutiso with @AFKInsider brings you, ‘8 tech startups set to become Africa’s unicorns’ in this AFKI Original (AFK Insider).

Identity & Culture

#HappyFriday We’re starting the weekend by ‘revisiting the awesome Afrofuturism in ’90s R&B videos’ with Cara Rose DeFabio and Dodai Stewart @ThisIsFusion (

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