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South Africa’s parliament is debating whether to impeach President Jacob Zuma. Following the Constitutional Court ruling last week, the opposition Democratic Alliance motioned to remove Zuma from office saying all MPs should support the impeachment. However, Zuma’s ANC party has a large majority in parliament and the motion is unlikely to pass (BBC News). Follow #ZumaImpeachment for live updates and reactions throughout the day.

The government of Senegal has agreed to receive 2 Libyan men released this week from the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, after they were held without charges there for 14 years. Their release is part of a continued effort by President Barack Obama to close down the prison before he leaves office in January (VOA News).

ICYMI Newsweek has a breakdown of ‘who’s implicated from Africa’ in the Panama Papers released by The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists on Monday (Newsweek).

Africa on the Move

The Economic Commission for Africa released the African Regional Integration Index as part of African Development Week 2016 in Addis. The 5 pillars of the index measure integration in trade, regional infrastructure, productive integration, free movement of people, financial and macroeconomic integration. Chief Economist at the Commission, Abdalla Hamdok said, “Africa’s Regional Integration Index is an action tool measuring the progress of an Africa on the move” (CNBC Africa).

Fast Track

Also at #AfricanDevelopmentWeek, Executive Secretary for UNECA, Carlos Lopes (@ECA_Lopes) gave us the Transformative Industrial Policy for Africa (pdf). The comprehensive report hopes to be, ‘effective in promoting structural transformation and inclusive growth on the continent and support African government and policy makers to fast-track with their industrialization efforts’ (

Biz Dev

Marcello Schermer (@Marcelloscherme), regional manager for Africa @seedstarsworld has this ‘analysis and benchmark of 13 entrepreneurship ecosystems’ from across the African continent (Medium).

Identity & Culture

“After my brother died and my father was partially paralyzed, my family traveled 7,000 miles in search of an old home, a new house, and the things we’d lost on the road in between.”  ~ from Reggie Ugwu’s (@uugwuu) My Father’s House. (BuzzFeed Reader).

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