You should know

South Africa’s highest court says President Jacob Zuma ‘failed to uphold the constitution’ as it delivered its ruling in a case over public funding of improvements to Zuma’s home. (VOA)

Kenya’s parliament has approved a bill which would force companies to set aside special breastfeeding areas for employees with children. The breastfeeding stations would include breast pumps for expressing milk and fridges. (BBC)

Twenty soldiers from Democratic Republic of Congo went on trial this week for alleged rape and other crimes committed while serving as U.N. peacekeepers in neighbouring Central African Republic, the Congolese government said on Thursday. (Reuters)

Civic Tech

Nairobi Tech Week aims to bring CTOs, top developers, tech entrepreneurs and influencers in the tech ecosystem to one space to discuss and showcase the forefront of innovation and technology in the Sub-Saharan African tech industry. Nairobi Tech Week will take place from April 27-30. (Techcabal)

Generation Next

Mikaila Ulmer is serving a sweet new BeeSweet Lemonade that is saving honeybees. Bee-lieve it or not, the entrepreneur began her career at just 9 years old and is now teaming up with one of America’s most popular stores that sells natural ingredients. (Global Citizen)

Identity & Culture

Scrap Metal Men is a 12-minute documentary set in Agbogbloshie, Ghana – arguably and often referred to as the world’s biggest e-waste dumping site, or second largestA Day in the Life: Scrap Metal Men is the first major documentary production by Alex Wondergem and Adu Lalouschek. (Dynamic Africa)

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