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The United Nations Security Council voted on Wednesday to end sanctions and an arms embargo on Liberia, citing the West African country’s successful stabilization more than a decade after a 14-year civil war that killed nearly 250,000 people. (Reuters)

Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans have marched through the capital Harare in support of veteran President Robert Mugabe, but their number fell short of the ruling party’s goal of attracting a million people. Demonstrators were shipped in from all over Zimbabwe for Wednesday’s march, organised by the Zanu-PF’s youth wing. (Aljazeera)

Leaders of the world’s seven major industrial democracies meet for two days in Ise-Shima, Japan, beginning Thursday. While they have no plans to issue important new initiatives or commitments, leaders from Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States will discuss a range of political, economic and environmental issues. (USA Today)



Ghana’s Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) will host the TroTro Apps Challenge on May 27-28, bringing together players in Accra’s public transport sector and the tech ecosystem to develop solutions aimed at utilising the data gathered on the TroTro routes in innovative ways to enhance mobility in the city. (Disrupt Africa)

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The Africa Innovate DC Series May event brings together un-conventional, trending, and mold-breaking business owners to discuss scalable business models and innovative ideas. The monthly Africa Innovate DC Series showcases successes, challenges, and stories from African entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses and startups on the continent or in the diaspora. (The World Bank)

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Okayafrica created a list of 5 South African web series you should be watching and we think they’re pretty dope. From animated hip-hop tales and food, to spirituality and discussions on modern African society, these web shows were created by young South Africans, for young South Africans.

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