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Nigeria’s President Buhari has approved new investigations into the kidnapping of the Chibok schoolgirls (BBC News). The President’s decision follows his meeting with about 300 parents of the girls who marched through Abuja to the presidential villa. But parents said they left the meeting feeling less optimistic the government would do whatever necessary to find and free the girls. Aisha Yesufu (@aishayesufu), a spokeswoman for the group said the Bring Back Our Girls movement will ‘continue to agitate’ until the girls are released (VOA News).

The US is calling for ‘meaningful dialogue’ on Oromo community concerns in Ethiopia. In a statement released Thursday, the State Department said ‘the US is increasingly concerned by the continued stifling of independent voices in Ethiopia’ and the recent detention of Oromo political party leaders (US Dep. of State).

In Somalia, Al-Shabab is claiming to have ‘overrun’ an AU military base outside the southern town of el-Ade. BBC’s Africa Live is providing coverage of the developing events as conflicting reports emerge from the region.

ICYMI The IMF approved a 3rd disbursement for Ghana of more than $114m under the country’s 3-year aid program while urging the Ghanaian government to ‘further tighten fiscal controls’ and Nigeria’s government has approved a $200m loan from the World Bank to develop infrastructure in Lagos state (CNBC Africa).

What We Need

Florence Okoye (@finokoye) checks in on HerHealth Uganda, a startup tackling women’s health issues and giving rural women control over their own healthcare (How We Got to Next).


Ehidiamhen Okpamen looks at what he sees as, ‘the silver lining in Nigeria’s capital market collapse’ and finds a “strategic opportunity” for Nigeria to regain its dominance (The Nerve Africa).

Urban Environments

Jepchumba (@DigitalAfrican) shares her experiences in Ethiopia at Addis in Motion where she joined 6 female artists to investigate the changes to their cities and better understand, ‘digital art and the African urban environment’ (African Digital Art).

Biz Dev

David Adeleke (@davidiadeleke) met up with founder and CEO of, Mark Essien (@markessien) to learn how he thinks Africa can lead the world’s tech space (TechCabal).

Identity & Culture

Kayla Greaves (@KaylaAGreaves) introduces us to a Nigerian cartoon that teaches children about African cultures in ‘the most authentic way’ (Blavity).

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