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The Democratic Republic of the Congo has reported 1,044 suspected cases of yellow fever since March, including 71 deaths, up from three probable cases and 57 laboratory-confirmed a week ago, the World Health Organization said on Thursday. (Reuters)

Nigeria‘s central bank is “reasonably optimistic” the naira will settle at around 250 to the U.S. dollar after an initial period of weakness following a flotation on Monday, the bank’s governor has said in a letter to President Muhammadu Buhari. (CNBC)

African nations must invest in services such as education that address the root causes of conflict and promote peace, thereby reducing the risk for current and future generations relapsing into violence conflict and crisis. This was a central theme that emerged during the Day of African Child that was celebrated all over Africa on Thursday. (IOL)

What we need

Giraffe is a mobile job recruitment site that aims to give jobseekers access to the workplace through their phones. It’s a cost-effective user-friendly site that harks back to the early days of mobile internet, giving jobseekers who don’t have a smartphone access to the service with a feature phone. It’s specifically aimed at low-income workers earning between $200 and $1000 a month. (Quartz)

Generation Next

With venture capital flowing in and home-grown businesses building up, Africa is in the midst of a tech boom that’s luring entrepreneurs away from tech centers in the United States and back to their home countries where opportunity beckons. Sub-Saharan Africa is home to some of the most rapidly increasing economies and the fastest urbanizing populations on the planet. (USA Today)

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Ghanaian-UK writer Joel Ryan boldly questioned why many Black artists heavily borrow from their roots to the motherland in their work yet refuse to tour on the continent. While many artists have begun to embrace African culture in their songs and music videos, Ryan wondered why those same performers don’t visit supportive fans in other countries besides South Africa – like Nigeria, Morocco and Kenya. (Atlantablackstar)

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