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It’s #WorldFoodDay, individuals and organizations around the world are working to bring awareness to issues of hunger, sustainable farming, and how climate changes are threatening communities that depend on agriculture (that’s all of us).
Tomorrow you’ll want to be in Accra to join the world record-breaking attempt by the Food 4 All Ghana Campaign as they try to build, ‘the longest food table in the world’ to  help bring attention to the need to create sustainable means of nutrition for the less privileged across West Africa.

More bombings in Nigeria as three female suicide bombers blew themselves up in a suburb of Maiduguri (BBC Live) this morning after a double suicide bombing at a mosque killed dozens last night (The Guardian). This comes only a day after President Obama notified the U.S. Congress he has authorized the deployment of about 90 U.S. military personnel to Cameroon to monitor Boko Haram, with the total U.S. force expected to be 300. (VOA News)

Gas will continue to flow from Nigeria to Ghana even after Nigeria had threatened to cut off most of its supply to Ghana by last night if the government failed to clear its debt with the West African Gas Pipeline Company. This while Takoradi waits for a new 250 Megawatt power plant from Dubai to arrive later this month (Graphic GH).

Netflix releases its 1st original movie, ‘Beasts of No Nation’ online around the world (and in some U.S. theaters). The film stars Idris Elba and tells the story of child soldiers during a civil war in an ‘unnamed West African country’. Which makes us and The Atlantic ask a question, ‘does all that ambiguity help tell a more universal story, or does it make it easier for people to accept too many of the existing negative stereotypes about Africa? Share with us your thoughts using #BeastsofNoNations on Twitter

Biz Dev

The new Tesla Model S went ‘high-speed on the highway’ with its, ‘incredible autopilot features’, watch this video and see the future for yourself (NY Times).
And after helping bring about the robot revolution, South African and Tesla founder, Elon Musk will attempt to do something even more impossible, bring always available and affordable energy to the continent with the Tesla Powerwall (My Broadband ZA).

Identity & Culture

The team at Vox (@voxdotcom) break down the history of the rise and fall of hip-hop’s greatest record labels since 1989, and then gives it to you all in, ‘one incredible GIF ‘

history of hip hop labels since 1989


Want more music for your Friday? Dynamic Africa (@DynamicAfrica) has one of our favorite SoundCloud channels for all things musically from the Continent and around the Diaspora.

What we need

Team KEEK says, “…a clean city where people understand the importance of good sanitation, practice it and reap the benefits”. Find out how they’re helping to make Accra a more ‘resilient city’ with their KEEK Machine. Want to learn more about the 100 Resilient Cities around the world and local community efforts in West Africa? Follow our Road to Resilience series and tweet us at @africarizing using hashtags, #Rd2Resilience and #233IsResilient

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