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The World Bank is lowering its 2016 growth projections for sub-Saharan Africa. The new growth forecast dropped to 3.3% from a previous forecast of 4.4% last October, following ‘plunging’ global commodity prices. Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania are however seen as ‘bright spots’ where growth continued to be strong (Reuters Africa).

In Liberia, the government is outsourcing aspects of public education in the country by entering into a public-private-partnership with Bridge International Academies – a nursery and primary private school organization that provides standardized education to students in developing countries. The decision has ‘sparked a firestorm of criticism’ from teachers within the country and civil society groups monitoring Liberia’s ability to provide quality education to its citizens (VOA News).

ICYMI Nigerian Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun, shared the government’s plans to reset the country’s economy, including  borrowing as much as $90 million in investments. Adeosun said the borrowed money would be used for improvements to transportation, roads, housing, power and health while speaking at the Lagos Business School earlier this week (CNBC Africa).

Generation Next

Meet Jessica Disu, better known as FM Supreme (@FMSupreme), a 27-year old hip-hop artist and peace activist. Disu travels the world studying ways different cultures practice non-violence and is using her music to ‘fight for social justice‘ in her hometwon of Chicago, USA (Fusion Video).

Civic Tech

Tola Agunbiade looks at a new mobile app from the Nigerian National Statistical Agency offering ‘easy access to statistics on Nigeria’, with data available for food security, infant mortality rate, total fertility rate, and even a “percentage using improved sources of drinking water” all sorted by state (TechCabal).

Biz Dev

Yomi Kazeem () and the Atlas Team at Quartz break down the data in just 3 charts on why, ‘fewer merger deals are being done in Africa’ and look at how in Nigeria, investors are ‘especially cautious’ as a reaction to the government’s current currency policies (Quartz Africa).

Identity & Culture

Tobias Carroll (@TobiasCarroll) reviews A. Igoni Barrett’s 1st novel, Blackass, asking, “what happens when you update a classic story by a century, shifting continents along the way?” for Ozy’s Rising Stars in, ‘Kafka in Lagos and other Nigerian fantasies’ (Ozy).

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