You should know

Tanzanian opposition candidate for president, Edward Lowassa, is calling for the election results to be ‘annulled’, saying the country’s election process has been ‘marred by fraud‘.  Ivoirian President Alassane Ouattara has won a second five-year term in a, ‘landslide‘ with more than 80% of his country’s vote electoral commission officials in Cote d’Ivoire report (BBC Live Africa).

This week’s India-Africa Forum Summit may be more about Indian PM Narendra Modi’s foreign policy than economics and an opportunity for African leaders to, ‘engage with the world for better, more equal relations‘ (The Wire).

South African student protests are trending again on Twitter with #WITSonFire after ‘chaos erupts‘ on the Johannesburg campus (IOL News).

Civic Tech

Director for Policy, Martin Tisné (@martintisne), at the Omidyar Network says with the renewed excitement from the UN’s SDGs and the launch of a Global Partnership on Sustainable Development Data, the next data revolution will be open (Omidyar Network).

Data from a recent poll of residents of Nigeria’s commercial center conducted by BusinessDay Media and NOIPolls shows ‘sever traffic gridlock’ and a rising crime rate, are the major areas of concern‘ for Lagosians (NOI POLLS h/t @toluogunlesi).

What We  Need

Ra’eesa Pather (@raediology) says its, ‘free education at South Africa’s historically Black university‘ (The Daily Vox).

Serena Williams serves as WIRED’s guest editor on race and gender in this month’s issue and says, ‘we need to stand up for a more equal world‘ in the digital age (WIRED).

Biz Dev

Connie Loizos (@cookie) says Chris Farmer (@chriswfarmer) has plans to ‘massively disrupt‘ the venture industry with SignalFire (TechCrunch).

Angel investor Dan Martell (@DanMartell) breaks down the ‘hidden costs‘ of VC funding and reveals the, ‘3 secret agreements you make‘ when you accept venture capital (Youtube).

AR’s Mel Bailey (@melb4freepress) brings you the story of one startup in Dakar searching for the right financing on their road to startup success, developing an ecologically responsible solution that turns discarded tires into ‘green’ building materials.

And the Lagos Angel Network has named its 1st formal Board of Directors (TechCabal).

Pop Culture

AR Trends favorite, Hayes Brown (@hayesbrown) has these 11 World Leaders Performing Adele’s “Hello” (sort of) with appearances by South African President Jacob Zuma and Liberian President Ellen Sirleaf-Johnson (BuzzFeed World).

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