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The World Health Organization (WHO) and partners are scaling up emergency operations in northeast Nigeria to reach people impacted by the Boko Haram insurgency. Aid groups recently regained access to some 800,000 people who were previously cut off from outside humanitarian aid. The WHO recently declared northeastern Nigeria an organizational grade three emergency. (VOA)

Zimbabwe‘s government plans to abolish about half the jobs in the agriculture department, a government official said on Wednesday, as President Robert Mugabe’s administration struggles to pay public service wages. The southern African nation is facing a biting shortage of cash, its worst since 2009 when it dumped its hyperinflation-wrecked currency in favour of the U.S. dollar. (Reuters)

The World Health Organization has announced that an emergency meeting will take place next week to discuss counter-measures for a yellow fever outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola. An estimated 500 individuals have already been killed across the two African countries, according to the international charity Save The Children, which warned last week that the outbreak could soon spread globally if not contained. (Al Jazeera)

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Every year at the CashlessAfrica conference, awards are presented to fintech startups who have made considerable contributions to the digital financial services industry. This year is no different and applications are now open for the 2016 CashlessAfrica Champion Awards. (Techcabal)

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South Africa’s ICT sector has made great strides in changing its gender demographics over the past decade, but more work needs to be done to support women’s progress in this sector, says MTN South Africa Chief Executive Officer Mteto Nyati. (ItnewsAfrica)

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Feyisa Lilesa, the marathon runner who made an anti-government protest gesture during the Olympic Games, has not returned to Ethiopia. Reporters aboard the Ethiopian team’s return flight from Rio yesterday (Aug 24) said Lilesa was not on the plane. (Quartz)

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