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Nigeria’s defense minister said the military under President Muhammadu Buhari has made enormous gains in the fight against Boko Haram. Retired General Dan Ali said Wednesday the military has reclaimed much of the land once occupied by the terrorist group and that Boko Haram has been reduced to waging mostly guerrilla warfare. (VOA)

Ebola is no longer an “extraordinary health event” and the risk of the virus spreading is low, the World Health Organization says. It means the disease is not thought to be a significant public health threat to countries outside of those affected in West Africa. (BBC)

Fifty eighth year-old Egyptian Seif al-Din Mohamed Mostafa,  the man who  hijacked  an EgyptAir plane Tuesday and forced it to land in Cyprus made his first appearance in court today. (The News)


Instagram published on their blog, that users will now be allowed to “tell their stories in up to 60 seconds of videos”. Since the beginning of the year though, advertisers have had the option enabled for them. (Techcabal)

Generation Next

In August of 2014, Beulah Osueke, 26, and Deana Bolumbu, 25, started, a multifunctional media platform serving over 200 members from various African countries living all over the world. Ezibota’s users debate and discuss through discussion boards, community chats, known as Ezi Chats and features articles. (Okayafrica)

Identity & Culture

Speaking on her Nigerian womenswear label Maki Oh’s Fall 2016, designer Amaka Osakwe noted that though unique in many ways, this collection possesses a certain kind of darkness, in her hues and overall palettes, not unseen and unused by Maki Oh in the past: “[The collection] is quite dark, actually—as usual.(Dynamic Africa)

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