After more than a week of student demonstrations and protests on campuses across South Africa, President Zuma announced Friday there would be, ‘0% fee increases’ in 2016. The #NationalShutDown Twitter-movement celebrated what was viewed as a victory for students with #FeesHaveFallen. But the situation remains unresolved for many protestors, with an evolving list of demands calling for an end to unaffordable tuition fees, unfair taxes, institutional racism and more…

As these issues continue developing, we’ll update this post with links to live reports, explainers, analysis and accounts to follow to help you better understand this moment in South Africa’s history.

Here’s where to start…

The Daily Vox is running a live blog with reports from Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg of on-going student demonstrations, protests and clashes with police in the aftermath of today’s announcements from President Zuma.

The Daily Maverick (@DailyMaverick) gives context with this backgrounder that calls the student-led protests a, ‘moment of reckoning’ for Zuma and South Africa’s long history of inequality and oppression.

Buzzfeed’s World Editor, Hayes Brown (@hayesbrown) curated the videos, photos and tweets from protestors, ‘you need to know about’ (Buzzfeed).

Student-journalist at the, ‘university currently known as Rhodes’, Chelsea Haith gives advice to media organizations on, ‘how to report on the student protests’ (Africa is a Country).

South African author Khaya Dlanga (@khayadlanga) writes for News24, ‘why I too am angry’and his connection to the current student movement.