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Voters in Uganda are headed to polling stations across the country to make their choices in presidential and legislative elections. Inspectors report early turnout is high but there are serious delays in some areas as voters wait on the delivery of voting materials and deal with problems with the biometric machines used for verifying registered voters (VOA News). You can follow #UgandaDecides throughout the day on Twitter for the latest results and reactions.

At least 50 people have been killed in a tragic road accident in Ghana. A bus full of passengers traveling on a major highway in Kintapa in the country’s northern area reportedly collided with a tomato truck Wednesday evening. President Mahama has offered his condolences on Twitter where many people in the country have been expressing their grief, anger and concerns over the safety of Ghana’s roadways (BBC News).

ICYMI officials in Burundi are calling for talks with Rwandan leaders following recent allegations Rwandans are training refugees opposed to President Pierre Nkurunziza. Burundi’s Vice President, Gaston Sindimwo, called the need for discussions, “urgent”, asking leaders from other African nations to act as mediators. In less than 1 year since Nkurunziza was elected to his 3rd term, more than 200,000 Burundians have left the country with as many as 75,000 taking refuge in Rwanda according to the UN Refugee Agency (M&G Africa).

Biz Dev

The Luma Lab (@Luma_Lab) team at Clearly Innovative has been selected to operator of a new tech incubator on the campus of Howard University in Washington, D.C. The partnership between Luma Lab, the District, and the US’s most prestigious HBCU is currently set for a launch in Fall 2016. The new hub will offer training in entrepreneurship, co-working spaces, events, mentorship and “strategic connections to Silicon Valley, investors, and partners” (

What We Need

Feyi Fawehinmi (@DoubleEph) says, ‘I know my people’ and goes in on what he calls Nigeria’s, “subculture of everyone forming groups that position them for access to government largesse” before offering some thoughtful solutions to the next generation of Nigerians (Vox Nigeria / Medium).

Generation Next

Abena Abedi (@abediabena) is, ‘making a big statement for local rice production’ in Ghana’s Volta and Eastern regions as she recognizes ‘mistakes’ and overcomes challenges on her way to ‘scaling up’ her operations (Business Week).

Identity & Culture

Alicia Montgomery (@amontgomery_998) and the team @NPRCodeSwitch think people in the US may be, “obsessed with identity” and that Barack Obama’s 8 years as president may have something to do with it…You can join them in a live Twitter conversation tomorrow, February 19th at 1800 GMT by using the hashtag #NPRObamaEffect (NPR / Code Switch).

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