We’re taking a mid-day break to look at, what’s trending, what to watch for, and what you should know to have a ‘smarter conversation’.

In Nigeria, follow @NGRSenate and #MinisterialScreening as the Senate begins vetting the 10 new ministers proposed last week in #theList by PMB

All over Africa, fans of Castle Lager are waiting to see what may happen to their favorite brands as SABMiller is reportedly accepting a ‘takeover’ by Aneheuser-Busch. Follow @ABInBevNews for more updates (or head to the market now).

And around the world it’s #AdaLovelaceDay, show your appreciate for women in STEM on twitter and check out the #womenintech featured on Africa Rizing.

Identity & Culture

Rihanna has a ‘very revealing’ conversation with artist, writer, and filmmaker Miranda July (@Miranda_July) for the NY Times Magazine

A new video series from Larry Achiampong (@blackph03nix) and David Blandy, explores race and post-colonial identity from inside the virtual world of Grand Theft Auto (Okay Africa) as the two UK-based artists examine the works of Frantz Fanon

What’s it like to be, ‘Black in Japan‘? Japanese Youtube documentarians, Rachel & Jun try to find out by exploring the experiences of seven people living in Japan who identify themselves as Black (Global Voices).

Biz Dev

Mozilla and the GSMA have teamed up on a new report  exploring how in emerging markets, ‘the right tools, coupled with digital literacy education, can empower mobile-first Web users as content creators and develop a sustainable, inclusive mobile Web.’ (Moz Blog)

Economist and newly minted Nobel laureate, Angus Deaton said why he believes foreign aid ‘undermines’ what he said he believes people need most, ‘an effective government that works with them for today and tomorrow’ (Project Syndicate)

F (@DoubleEph) takes a look at ‘Uber in Lagos‘ (Medium) and said he thinks there’s, ‘not enough capitalism’ in Nigeria…

You Should Know

the first debate among democrat candidates for U.S. president is tonight in Las Vegas. CNN will stream the debate live starting at 8:30p ET (that’s 12:30a on Wednesday GMT). Follow #DemDebate on Twitter for political punditry, fact-checking, and with any luck, lots of meme-able moments.

ICYMI Buzzfeed’s Tracy Clayton (@brokeymcpoverty) and Heben Nigatu (@heavenrants) got caught up with Hillary Rodham Clinton on an episode of ‘Another Round’. You can listen to their entire conversation and find out HRC’s thoughts on Black Lives Matter, sexism in Washington, D.C. and why you’ve never seen her sweat…


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