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At least 36,000 people have been displaced as a result of the fighting that has flared in the South Sudanese capital Juba in recent days, according to the UN refugee agency. At a news briefing in Geneva on Tuesday, the UNHCR representatives called on armed parties to protect civilians and demanded neighbouring countries keep their borders open for people fleeing from the violence. (AlJazeera)

Penetration of mobile phones has remained on the upward swing in Nigeria with about 94% penetration being reached. However, statistics from Africa Infotech Consulting (AIC) also showed that smartphone penetration in particular has increased dramatically; gaining about 30% penetration with features phones having a 70% penetration reads (CNBCAfrica)

A Chinese company will take up construction work of two railway projects in Nigeria, said Nigerian Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi Wednesday. China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Ltd. (CCECC), one of the subsidiaries of China Railway Construction Corporation, a state-owned construction enterprise, will undertake the construction work of a $ 19.4 billion railway project and the work will last two to three years, said Amaechi in the interview. (Signal)

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South African company OutsourcedCFO has teamed up with City of Cape Town councillor Garreth Bloor to launch Glenheim, which will bring investors from around the world into emerging local tech companies. (Disrupt Africa)

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Stigma around mental illness in African communities has detrimentally affected scores of people who have been met with condemnation and skepticism rather than serious and caring treatment. Ledet Muleta, a veteran of behavioral health and now filmmaker, holds hopes to change that with a new psychological thriller aimed at tackling these issues. The film, titled Chula, follows the story of the titular character, a young African woman, played by Selamawit Worku, who is working to becoming a pianist. Yet, Chula’s bipolar disorder stands in her way. (OkayAfrica)

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