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Somali security forces say they have ended a deadly siege of a beach-front restaurant in the capital, with at least seven people killed in the attack along with two assailants. Mogadishu’s police chief, Colonel Abshir Bishar, said the attack ended just before dawn Friday morning.  (VOA)

Police in Zimbabwe have fired tear gas and water cannon at opposition supporters who had gathered for a protest march in the capital, Harare. They have also beaten up people wearing red T-shirts, the colour of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change party (MDC), a BBC reporter at the scene says. (BBC)

Nigeria‘s naira was quoted at an all-time low of 412 per dollar on the parallel market on Friday as a dollar shortage persists, traders said. Traders said some bureaux de change operators have been finding it difficult to access their forex account and get dollar supply after the central bank suspended nine commercial lenders from the market, putting further pressure on the local currency. (Reuters)

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Join the Africa Rizing team for a 2-day training workshop at Impact Hub Accra where attendees will have the opportunity to hear from successful entrepreneurs, bloggers, and activists featured in our Rizers to watch campaign of 2016. Come out and meet the journalists behind the brand, and learn important skills like social media branding, smartphone reporting, field reporting and event coverage. Meet & Tweet Journalist & Entrepreneur Training Session is free  and open to the public. Register today.

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African Fabric Month™ ( is an exciting new venture sponsored by Cultured Expressions, Inc. It promotes the artistic and practical uses of such fabrics as batik, kuba, adinkra, bogolan/mudcloth, korhogo, adire, kente, and more, and serves to honor and promote the cultures that create them. The month-long celebration encourages a variety of suggested activities and projects that are fun, educational, and culturally relevant. (BlackNews)

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