You should know

The former central bank chief in Nigeria, Lamido Sanusi, says exchange rate policies backed by President Muhammadu Buhari  are ‘doomed to fail’Sanusi said the President’s monetary policy has, “very obvious drawbacks that far outweigh its dubious benefits” (Financial Times).

The President of Haiti, Michel Martelly, has resigned. With elections postponed until April after allegations of fraud and weeks of protests, there remains no clear successor to the presidency leaving only an interim government to run the country (BBC Africa).

ICYMI the UN is using a ‘new approach’ in the Central African Republic to disarm, demobilize and reintegrate (DDR) armed groups. Described as ‘pre-DDR’, the new program is being launched in CAR’s northern town of Kaga Bandoro, where former combatants are being paid to do community work. (VOA News).

What We Need

The team at the Monkey Cage blog looks at the most recent Lived Poverty Index (LPI)  from Afrobarometer and finds, good news for Africa – and, importantly, for Africans as the continent looks to be ‘paving a road out of poverty’ (WaPo/Monkey Cage).

Our Environment

The World Bank Group is launching a new Climate Innovation Center (CIC) in Accra with Ashesi University College to support Ghana’s ‘green growth’ strategy.  The new center is financed by a $17.2 million grant as part of the World Bank’s Climate Technology Program and its global network of Climate Innovation Centers  (Ashesi University).

Civic Tech

One of Nigeria’s most leading civic tech organizations, BudgIT (@BudgITng) has released its ‘unboxing of Nigeria’s proposed 2016 federal budget’ (pdf) in a series of detailed infographics and data visualizations (budgiT).

Identity & Culture

The ‘children of Soviet Africa’ search for their own identities in this collection of personal essays title, ‘Black in the USSR’ as part of the Red Africa season running at Calvert 22 Foundation (Calvert Journal).

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