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Ugandan police chief Kale Kayihura says his officers will, ‘protect voters from intimidation’ during tomorrow’s general election. Yesterday, 1 person was killed Monday in Kampala during ‘clashes’ between police and supporters of Kizza Besigye, President Yoweri Museveni’s main opposition (BBC News).

Senegal’s President Macky Sall says he will complete his 7-year term that runs until 2019, failing to follow through on a campaign promise he made to cut the term to only 5 years. Following the recommendation of the country’s constitutional council, Sall says he plans to put the proposed constitutional change to a referendum in March (Reuters Africa).

ICYMI Cameroon’s Communications Minister, Issa Tchiroma Bakary says Cameroonian soldiers have, ‘liberated the northeastern Nigerian town of Goshi from Boko Haram’. Bakary said between February 11 and 14, Cameroon’s military launched raids on Goshi, killing more than 160 Boko Haram fighters and freeing 100s of Cameroonian and Nigerian hostages (VOA News).


Economist at Oxford University, Max Roser (@maxcroser) and the team at Our World in Data have, ‘the only images you need to understand just how much Africa has changed’. The ‘very revealing’ data visualizations look at progress made in the areas of health, food provision, political freedom, poverty and education (M&G Africa).

Urban Environments

Dangote Fellow and urban designer, Mokena Makeka (@MokenaMakeka) breaks down the key issues’ facing the future of African cities for the Mo Ibrahim Foundation and offers these 10 traits all cities should develop to become, “sites of acute imagination, innovation and social possibility” (Medium).

Generation Next

National Director for The Black Youth Project, Charlene Carruthers (@CharleneCac), is part of a next generation of grassroots activists across the United States who are, ‘demanding social and economic change, greater police accountability, decriminalization of black youth, women’s and LGBTQ rights, and a fair minimum wage’. In a recent interview with Cairo Review Managing Editor Scott MacLeod, Carruthers talks about Black Power, the BYP 100’s mission, and how she plans to remain ‘optimistic’ her work will bring about, “transformative change” (Black Youth Project / Cairo Review).

Identity & Culture

Christina Goldbaum (@cegoldbaum) is in Nairobi where she met up with Ketebul Music founder, Tabu Osusa and an ‘eclectic group of musicians, producers and a DJ project called Santuri to find out why, “East Africa is a hit with music fans” (Ozy).

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