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Ghanaians are using the hashtag #RememberJune3 to mark the 1 year that has passed since a deadly fire caused by flooding in Accra killed at least 150 people when a gas station exploded. While many of the tweets are commemorating the loss of life from that day, others are using the hashtag to promote possible solutions for dealing with the city’s annual flooding issues. (BBC Africa)

In South Sudan, President Salva Kiir, 1st Vice President (and former rebel leader) Riek Machar, and Vice President James Wani Igga all met this week in Juba to discuss how to resolve the remaining ‘stumbling blocks’ preventing the full implementation of last August’s peace agreement. The 3 leaders agreed to form the Transitional National Legislative Assembly and are meeting again today to continue their discussions. (VOA News)

ICYMI Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari cancelled his planned visit to the Niger Delta following the most recent wave of attacks in the region on oil and gas pipelines by a militant group calling itself, the Niger Delta Avengers. Those living in the delta region have complained about environmental pollution from international oil companies and economic marginalization by the Nigerian government while the Avengers have used social media to accuse President Buhari of ignoring these local issues. (CNBC Africa)


South African entrepreneur and developer, Rodrigue Tusse (@rawdreeg) has launched, INGLOB – an open publishing platform for Africans that its creator says is his way of providing a “pure and raw and honest” platform where people can come together to, “share our opinions about anything”. (TRUE Africa)

Smart Cities

Researches at the Bearing Point Institute (@institute_BE) are calling smart cities, ‘the key to Africa’s third revolution’ and looking to new technopoles to, “help manage demographic challenges”. (Bearing Point Institute)


Lynsey Chutel (@lynseychutel) shows you, ‘what it looks like when Google pledges to train 1 million Africans’ through platforms like DigifyAfrica and partnerships with NGOs like Livity Africa. (Quartz Africa)

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Bronx, USA-based Rap Research Lab has launched Actual Fact, a new website to, visualize hip-hop’s lyrical data.  The Actual Fact website uses the Hiphop Word Count database created by Tahir Hemphill (@Tahero) to, ‘encourage scholarship and research on hip-hop data and society’. (Colorlines)

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