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The RED Summit is streaming live from Lagos. The 2-day conference features some of West Africa’s most influential media figures, including two of our favorites, Binyavanga Wainaina (@BinyavangaW) and Bankole Oluwafemi (@MrBankole). Look for hashtag, #TheREDSummit to follow it live.

Former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo told university students and academics the effects of colonialism are still an ‘impediment’ to Africa’s successful development. Speaking at the African Studies Association of Africa‘s 1st international conference in Ibadan, Obansajo said, “colonialism devastated and depopulated the continent through transatlantic slave trade,’’ (Pulse NG) He then said even post-independence, ‘colonial hegemony‘ continues to have an impact on the continent’s economy.

In the U.S. , senior administration officials said President Obama will announce today he is keeping a larger military presence in Afghanistan (NPR) than had been planned. Officials said close to 10,000 troops will stay in Afghanistan through most of 2016.

And Ghana’s superstar pastor, Ofori Ampoonsah is backing living the ‘highlife’ with a new single featuring Sarkodie. Ampoonsah went on Starr FM to promote his new music and said to fans and former parishioners, ‘only God can judge me’.
(maybe now Ma$e won’t feel so alone with his choices…)

Biz Dev

For young people in sub-Saharan Africa, the unemployment rate has been at or near 12% since 2007. In the last 23 years, youth labor participation in Africa has grown exactly 0% (Quartz Africa). That’s just one reason why Ghana’s Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh (@saprempeh)  said he is bringing mentors to all young African entrepreneurs.

Identity & Culture

As part of ‘Hispanic Heritage Month‘, author, professor and sports fanatic, Adrian Burgos Jr. (@adburgosjr) has produced a new documentary for ESPN that examines the experiences of Afro-Latinos in sports  (ESPN).

In Harlem, USA , Black Public Media (@BLKPublicMedia) and @SiliconHarlem are holding the 1st hackathon for filmmakers in Harlem ever. Check out the #Hack360 hashtag to follow

Eileen Pollack (@ElieenPollack) writes for the NY Times and tries to answer the question, ‘What Really Keeps Women Out of Tech?‘.  Check out our ‘Women in Tech‘ series to find out what inspires women in West Africa to join the ‘tech revolution’.

What we need

and don’t forget, today is #GlobalHandwashingDay

classic Sesame Street!

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