Delegates from 195 countries have agreed on a ‘landmark climate accord’ at the COP21 summit in Paris (NY Times). The 31-page agreement (pdf) reached Saturday commits nearly every country to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and changing the way the world uses fossil fuels to help stop ‘human-caused’ climate change (BuzzFeed News).

To help you understand Africa’s impact at this year’s summit, we’ve curated these links to some of the best coverage from around the world.

The Africa Progress Panel (@AfricaProgress) has been tracking all the key issues at stake for Africa while journalists from Pan-African Media on Climate Change met up with RFI to help, ‘set the record straight’ on the climate change issues most important to African audiences (RFI / Soundcloud).

The AfricaRizing visuals team got you ready for the summit with this animation explaining how climate change is effecting Africa’s coast lines.

The Poynter Institute (@poynter) provided these, ‘climate change fact checks from around the world’ including ones from Africa Check (@africacheck) on why many scientists think Africa will be the continent “hardest hit” by climate change.

The BBC’s science team (@BBCScienceNews) offer this comprehensive guide to the 2-week summit while Wanjohi Kabukuru (@WanjohiK) and Obi Anyadike (@enugu62) examine the role of participating African leaders for IRIN and ask, ‘how can Africa unlock climate funds?’

Vox (@voxdotcom) gives an explainer on why the Paris climate talks, “won’t solve” global warming but how they could help, ‘add structure and momentum to efforts already underway’.

Mel Bailey (@MelB4FreePress) met with people in the Senegalese coastal town of Thiawléne and learned how climate change is effecting their shoreline and their community.

10 more African countries agreed to join the AFR100 initiative to restore more than 30 million hectares of forest on the continent by 2030 to provide a natural defense against climate-altering carbon dioxide emissions.

The Brooking Institute’s Radhika Goyal helps us understand Africa’s priorities for COP 21 while ClimDev-Africa (@climdevafrica) asks, ‘what is Africa taking to Paris?’

And finally, read all about what UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had to say when he met with a gathering of African leaders about the ‘enormous stake’ Africa has in the success of achieving the COP21 goals.