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In a radio interview with the BBC, President Muhammadu Buhari says Nigeria has “technically won the war” against Boko Haram even as critics of Buhari’s government argue its success against the terrorist group has been exaggerate (BBC Africa).

Zambian President Edgar Lungu is expected to sign an amendment recently passed by the country’s parliament that will give Zambians a new constitution after months of public pressure (VOA News).

ICYMI Ghana’s transport minister, Dzifa Attivo, has resigned after pressure from anti-corruption groups over reports her ministry spent almost $1 million painting more than 100 buses with portraits of President Mahama and other recent Ghanaian leaders (Reuters Africa).

What We Need

Stears EIC Michael Famoroti (@mikey_fam) philosophizes on the, ‘repugnant conclusion’ and looks at the longterm forecast for Nigeria’s economy as its population surges (Stears NG).

Our Environment

Eunice Onwona (@eonwona) met with the team at Future Earth to learn how they plan to use open data to build a ‘community cockpit’ to help battle climate change in Accra’s Old Fadama settlement while a floating school in Lagos is helping bring solar power to Makoko, one of the city’s oldest slums (Quartz Africa).

Biz Dev

Augustine Chipungu (@achipungu1) looks at the recent visit to continent by China’s president, Xi Jinping and says, ‘China is not undermining African democracy’ with its investments and we should all just, “change our attitudes” (CapX).

Identity & Culture

We keep it going with our list of year-end-lists with Okay Africa’s (@OkayAfrica) look back at the year in Afrofurism and the year’s best moments in African sci-fi (OkayAfrica).

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