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Nigeria is, ‘cutting out middlemen‘ to curb corruption in the purchasing and sale of oil and fuel. The move is the 1st major policy shift by President Buhari who has promised to ‘tackle corruption’ in Africa’s largest oil producing country. The new policy is designed to, ‘enshrine transparency’ in the crude oil exchange industry says NPC spokesman Ohi Alegbe (BBC Africa).

A Russian-made cargo plane has crashed near the South Sudanese capital of  Juba with reports of at least 40 dead at this time (Bloomberg Africa / Reuters). BBC Live is updating the story from its live blog as more details are confirmed. It is the second plane crash on the continent in less than a week after an earlier crash in Egypt.

It’s day 2 of the MEST Africa Technology Summit – can’t be in Accra? Follow @MESTGhana and tweet your questions for panelists to @AfriTechSummit with the hashtag #AskATS. On day 1, we curated some of the best tweets from the accelerators and incubators panel . We’ll be back on day 2 focusing on innovations in civic tech and ‘technology for impact‘.

All your ⭐️ are now ❤️, read why Twitter says it made the switch from ‘favorites’ to ‘likes’  (Twitter Blog). Casey Newton (@CaseyNewton) says its another, ‘admission of defeat‘ for a company that has struggled to connect with investors and whose users seem to understand it better than its product managers (The Verge).

Biz Dev

Simon Constable (@simonconstable) wonders what will happen to global economies when, ‘emerging markets fail to…emerge‘ (Ozy).

What We Need

Executive Director at Press Freedom, Joel Simon (@joelcpj) says it’s a free press and without one, ‘open government is meaningless‘ (Columbia Journalism Review).

Ayokunle Ojo (@ayolope) examines the UN’s SDG #4 and thinks, a combination of education and innovation will ‘fix’ Nigeria (Medium).

Identity & Culture

Team Rize favorite, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is the winner of the, “Best of the Best” of The Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction for her novel, ‘Half of a Yellow Sun‘  (Books Live). Tweet us your favorite books and authors using #RizeReads and we’ll feature your recommendations in an upcoming series on authors from around the diaspora.

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