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Oil workers from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) have shut down offices at the state oil company to protest the recent decision to break the company up. The plan by President Muhammadu Buhari to split the NNPC into what he said will be “7 profit-making companies” was rejected by the industry’s main union, leading to today’s strike. While Nigeria remains Africa’s largest oil producer, its economy continues to suffer from declining oil prices globally as the NNPC also deals with allegations of corruption after losing money for many years (BBC News).

Côte d’Ivoire now tops the list of Nielsen’s second Africa Prospects Indicators report (pdf), based on its, ‘favorable economic growth and stable inflation climate’. Business executives from across Africa scored 26 sub-Saharan markets based on their view of growth opportunities for investors over the next 12 months (CNBC Africa).

ICYMI the US government is adding more sanctions against Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army. A Treasury Department spokesperson says the new financial sanctions are in response to the terrorist group’s ongoing targeting of civilians in the Central African Republic (VOA News).

Generation Next

As part of Kiva’s (@Kiva)  Invest in her, invest in change series, “celebrating the power of women entrepreneurs around the world”, Talea Miller introduces us to Lindiwe, a 22 year old entrepreneur from rural Zimbabwe who’s, ‘a mogul in the making’ (Medium).

The Next ‘Einsteins’

CEO and President of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Chair of the Next Einstein Forum, Thierry Zomahoun says he has, “no doubt the next great scientific minds will be from Africa” (Quartz Africa). Catch up on all the events from #NEF2016  in Dakar on Twitter and find out who are #AfricasEinsteins.


Co-founder at Nigerian POS platform PrognoStore, Ade Olabode (@PapaOlabode) offers up his ‘suggestions to all the Fintech startups out there as a potential user of your service’ (TechCabal).

Identity & Culture

Last night marked the national broadcast premiere of ‘BadDDD Sonia Sanchez’. The new documentary airing on the World Channel brings the story of the influential poet, activist and educator to viewers around the world (Colorlines). Watch a trailer from the award winning doc on Vimeo and checkout this post from @CoralieSL when she met up at this year’s ADIFF with the documentary’s producer, Sabrina Schmidt Gordon.

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