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Hostages who recently escaped from Boko Haram after being kidnapped have returned to Cameroon. The 2 men say the terrorist group used them and 100s of others held in a camp in norther Nigeria to loot and kill but that Boko Haram’s fire-power has been weakened and they were only ever given machetes as weapons (VOA News).

Workers from the Nigeria Labour Congress are striking in the south-eastern state of Imo to demand the reinstatement of 500 civil servants they say were fired after 19 government agencies were handed over to a private firm for restructuring. Union leaders say they will shut down all government and business activities in the state until their demands are met (BBC News).

ICYMI Jackson M’vunganyi (@UpFrontAfrica) hosted a Twitter chat to discuss the #BlackLivesMatter movement with African thought leaders including @Boniface, @chikaunigwe, @opalayo, and others as part of the My Africa Is documentary series. Catch up on all the best tweets and watch a trailer for the documentary, showing the, ‘changing face of the African continent by profiling young people coming up with innovative ways to improve their communities’ (Youtube).

Generation Next

Laila Johnson-Salami  (@LailaJohnson_) from the We Rise Initiative sat down for a Q&A with Ini Adesiyan (@iadesiyan), founder of the Young Girls’ Empowerment Project in Enugu State, Nigeria to find out how she plans to bring, inclusive and equitable educational opportunities to young girls in Nigeria.

What We Need

The global news service team at is a partnering with to, ‘help you sort out fact from fiction’ when it comes to claims about health and development on the continent. The new venture between PolitiFact and AfricaCheck will produce its own data and test whether its ‘Truth-O-Meter’ and other tools for fact-checking can inform the debate over global health and development in the same way it has impacted politics (


As part of his series on ‘Humane Tech’, Anil Dash (@anildash) asks, “will the new gatekeepers close the doors on new online social movements before they arise?” and offers some solutions on, ‘how we keep the door open’ (Medium).

Matters of Opinion…

Max Siollun (@maxsiollun) expresses his concerns over a “revitalized Biafran secessionist movement” and wonders whether, ‘Nigeria is coming apart at the seams’ (Foreign Policy Magazine).


Falk Benke (@fbenke) and the @BeamCrew bring you, this story about Aeroshutter and how the 1st drone creative agency in Ghana is, ‘using unmanned aerial vehicles to support local businesses’ (Medium).

Identity & Culture

Mel Bailey (@melb4freepress) has been traveling Senegal to learn and understand its ‘many faces’ while making it her mission to “tackle some of her early ignorance” by meeting with just some of the people representing the diversity that exists within the country.

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