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The 21st Nigerian Economic Summit is streaming live on ChannelsTV and you can follow #NES21 as it trends across Nigeria.

Twitter’s new ‘Moments’ feature had its first big moment last night in the U.S. with #DemDebate going up against #BETHipHopAwards to see who would be the night’s most ‘gif-able’.

Displaced villagers living in Maiduguri have identified and apprehended ( a suspected member of Boko Haram following another bomb blast yesterday in north eastern Nigeria that has left at least seven dead. This follows the earlier arrest of two individuals accused of ‘masterminding’ the multiple explosions (BBC) that happened in the outskirts of Abuja back on 2 October.

Lawyers for the family of Thomas Sankara said a new autopsy shows the remains of ‘Burkina Faso’s Che Guevera’ (Quartz Africa) are ‘riddled with bullets’, proving he was assassinated. Former president, Blaise Compaore, who took power in 1987 following a coup that lead to Sankara’s death has denied his involvement in the ex-leader’s killing but had blocked attempts at an exhumation of the body during his 27-year rule before being deposed in a popular uprising last year (BBC Africa).

Biz Dev

Philanthropist and Chairman of Ughelli Power Generating Company, Tony Elumelu (@TonyOElumelu) is advocating for the, ‘privatization of Nigeria’s power infrastructure‘ (The Sun). Check out more stories on how innovators are, ‘getting business done’ on the Continent at

Identity & Culture

Tolu Ogunlesi (@toluogunlesi) shares his thoughts on his recent travels to the U.S. and compares, ‘American exceptionalism’ with ‘the giant of Africa’ (The Cable)

Jamaican Marlon James won the Man Booker Prize for his novel “A Brief History of Seven Killings,” described as, ‘a raw, violent epic that uses the attempted assassination of Bob Marley in 1976 to explore Jamaican politics, gang wars and drug trafficking‘ (NY Times). James is the first Jamaican to win the prestigious award in a year that has seen outstanding releases from a number of writers throughout the Diaspora.

Buzzfeed shares 22 of their favorite authors (and ours) you should, ‘absolutely be reading’.

What we need

Researcher and Justice in Conflict blogger, Mark Kersten (@markkersten) writes for the Washington Post and examines, ‘the future of the International Criminal Court in Africa‘ and its impact on human rights on the Continent. Read this explainer from Mel Bailey to get caught up with the on-going Habré Trial and the beginnings of ‘Pan-African justice‘.

Researchers with Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Urban Development layout a plan for how Africa can build, ‘inclusive, safe and sustainable cities‘ (Quartz / The Conversation) one of the UN’s 17 new Sustainable Development Goals. Coralie Saint-Louis went to this year’s Social Good Summit and wrote about 4 more SDGs inspiring Africans to make a local impact.

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