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Nigeria’s parliament announced it expects to pass the 2016 federal budget later this month on March 17. In December, President Buhari had presented a record $30 billion budget but withdrew it after global drops in oil prices caused the country’s deficit to rise and last month, voting was postponed when ministers could not agree on the revised spending plans (Reuters Africa).

Former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa is being ‘welcomed’ by the Burundian opposition group as the new mediator for peace talks aimed at ending the country’s ongoing violent political crisis. Leaders at the East Africa Community summit chose Mkapa during Wednesday’s meeting to ‘hopefully breed new life into the talks’. A spokesperson for the National Council for the Restoration of the Arusha Accord called Mkapa’s appointment “good news” and not an attempt to sideline Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni after his controversial reelection last month (VOA News).

ICYMI Nigerian fishing communities from the Niger Delta region who say they have suffered for years from repeated oil pipeline spills began pursuing legal action against British energy ‘giant’ Royal Dutch Shell. The case may have ‘far-reaching implications’ for whether British companies can be sued for environmental damages caused in foreign countries (NY Times).


Ainehi Edoro (@brittlepaper) reviews Inongo vi Makomè’s new novel, Natives and discusses how the latest work from the Cameroonian author, “reinvents the African immigrant narrative” (Brittle Paper).

Biz Dev

VC4Africa founder, Ben White (@zia505) shares these ‘8 tips for building investor traction’ for your startup and improving your chances of finding partners, winning over investors and getting support from your community (


West Africa Correspondent for BuzzFeed News, Monica Mark (@nickswicks) looks at the conversation on Twitter around #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira and how some Nigerians are hoping, ‘this hashtag can save their economy’ (BuzzFeed News).

Identity & Culture

Victor Asemota (@asemota) introduces us to the, ‘Michelangelo of Osu’ and the importance of finding (and keeping) a great barber who can ‘handle a razor’ (Medium).

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