You should know

In an effort to normalize relations, Sudan‘s President Omar al-Bashir has ordered the opening of his country’s border to South Sudan for the first time since 2011. (VOA News)

Julius Malema of  South African leftist party, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) calls on the nation’s opposition parties to unite and break the grip of the African National Congress (ANC) at the municipal polls later this year. (

A satirical story that Eritrean men have been ordered to marry at least two wives, which has been shared across Africa, has upset Eritrean officials. (BBC Africa)

What We Need

The Silicon Valley African Diaspora Investment Symposium kicks off today in Santa Clara, California . The two-day event will take a look at the African Diaspora’s current efforts and future contributions to the continent through direct investment, small business development, philanthropy, and innovation. (ADN)

Generation Next

11-year-old Marley Dias who was “sick of reading about white boys and dogs” launched #1000BlackGirlBooks, an action to collect 1000 books that feature characters like herself. (Colorlines)

Biz Dev

Rafah Communications is  launching Aspire, the first and only android job app in Uganda that has been invented to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. (Dignited)

Identity & Culture

Barbie’s got a new body! Mattel’s new Barbies varied in their body shapes and their skin tones. (The Atlantic)

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