You should know

Former Peoples National Convention (PNC) presidential candidate, Dr Edward Nasigri Mahama is re-entering the race for Ghana’s presidency.  Dr. Mahama, who previously led the party for 16 years and 3 unsuccessful presidential runs, will be competing against 4 other party members to be the PNC’s flagbearer in the 2016 general elections (Business Ghana).

Lawyers for Nigerian Senate President Bukola Saraki walked out on the two-man panel of the Code of Conduct Tribunal in Abuja as a form of protest. Saraki’s lawyers’ demonstration was in response to the CCT’s decision to proceed with his trial while his appeal on charges of asset falsification is still pending at the Supreme Court (The Guardian NG).

And while still facing some of the largest fines ever (BBC Africa), mobile networking giant MTN is trying to innovate its way to holding the top position among the Nigeria’s mobile providers with the release of the ‘CarFi Stick’ at the Abuja Motor Fair (Vanguard). MTN says the CarFi Stick is, ‘fast, reliable and easy to operate’ and can be inserted into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter, allowing drivers in Nigeria’s notorious traffic to connect up to 10 devices (Vanguard).

Biz Dev

Chuba Ezekwesili (@ChubaEzeks) traveled to Abuja and has these, ‘business lessons from a Kilishi seller‘ to share (Medium).

FabFoundry co-founder Nob Seki (@nseki) takes a historical look at the shift in media and manufacturing and what, the ‘maker movement’ really means for entrepreneurs (Medium).

Urban Centers

The upcoming Africities Summit in Johannesburg announced its theme for this year’s event, ‘shaping the future of Africa’s people’ (Mail & Guardian). With ‘people-driven solutions’ at the center of African urban development, the goal of the Africities summit is to look at how local governments at a grassroots-level can, ‘ignite’ the possibilities of Africa’s cities.

Art-historian and founder of Accrascope, Charlotte Langhorst combines her love of art & architecture with urban planning to come up with these, ‘9 tips for building sustainable, resilient cities‘ in West Africa, beginning with Accra. You can learn more about Accra’s efforts as part of the ‘100 Resilient Cities’ challenge to be more inclusive, safe and sustainable in our ‘Road to Resilience‘ series and by following, #Rd2Resilience on Twitter.

Identity & Culture

A new documentary, “Am I: Too African to be American or Too American to be African?” from Sierra Leonean-American filmmaker Nadia Sasso (@iamnadiamarie) explores the cultural complexities of those who, ‘straddle the lines of two worlds‘ (HuffPost / Black Voices).

Learn why photographer Danielle Miles calls New Orleans the, ‘most African city in the U.S.‘  as part of the Noirlinians photo project (PBS News Hour / Parallax).

U.S. presidential hopeful, Ben Carson released a new ‘rap ad’ with hopes of connecting with African-American voters – the internet was not amused but you can listen and decide for yourself (ABC News / SoundCloud). Or just read Talib Kweli’s (@TalibKweli) take down of Dr. Carson’s attempts at rhyming (Washington Post).

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