You should know

Ghana’s President John Mahama says it’s, “only logical” for Ghanaians to vote for him in next year’s presidential elections (Ghana Web).

France’s President Francois Hollande says he wants to amend the country’s constitution to fight potential terrorists at home and “eradicate” the Islamic State (NY Times).

In Burundi, secretary general of ADISCO, Deogratias Niyonkuru, says, civil society has a major role to play in finding an “amicable” solution to the country’s on-going crisis and growing violence (VOA News).

Sarah McGregor (@sarahinnairobi) looks at the number of African students attending Chinese institutes of higher-learning and, one more way China is trying to win the future of Africa (Bloomberg Business).

A chief Russian intelligence officer says, “terrorism” is responsible for the mid-air explosion of a Russian jetliner over Egypt last month (Washington Post).

Civic Tech

Carlos Lopes (@ECA_Lopes) says, “an ‘Africa data consensus’ will reform how countries produce stats for the SDGs and social needs” and gives this take on how to secure Africa’s data revolution (SciDev Net).

Irene Ikomu (@miss__rizzy) looks at the, “losing battle against corruption” and why open data is important for Africa (Medium).

What We need

The African Leadership University (@ALU_education) says, “Africa’s higher education hub is at a crossroads” and thinks the island of Mauritius should set on a path toward developing programs with. “strong links to industry and entrepreneurial opportunity” (Medium).

Identity & Culture

Wendy Okoi-Obuli  (@mswoo247) reviews the new indie-film, ‘My Friend Victoria‘ and says it’s, “a subtle, well-observed critique on class, identity, and race” in France (Indiewire).

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