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East Africans are using #WhatWouldMagufuliDo on Twitter to share their admiration for Tanzania’s new president, along with some doubts and a lot of humor as President John Magufuli canceled the country’s Independence Day celebrations to lead a ‘cleanup up campaign’ in local neighborhoods around Dar es Salaam.

Nigeria’s stock market hit a new 3-year low on Wednesday as globally, oil fell to its lowest prices in more than 6 years (Reuters Africa).

In Burundi, nearly 100 protesters arrested for opposing President Pierre Nkurunziza during months of ongoing violence in the capital, have been released from prison. The prisoners were freed after EU officials considered stopping aid to the country that continues to be in crisis after ‘spiraling into chaos’ in April when Nkurunziza announced he would seek a 3rd presidential term (VOA News).

Generation Next

MEST (@MESTGhana) has published its recap of the 2015 Africa Technology Summit with insights, takeaways, videos and more (MEST / AfriTech).

What We Need

African Leadership Network founder Fred Swaniker (@FredSwaniker) has plans to build 25 ‘world-class’ universities all across Africa with students declaring ‘missions’ and not ‘majors’ (How We Made It In Africa).

Kenya is receiving a $1.5 billion loan from China to extend its railway from Nairobi to the Rift Valley. The Chinese-backed project is the 1st stage in plans to extend to Uganda and other land-locked countries on the continent with a goal of cutting the costs and boosting trade (Reuters Africa).

Our Environments

Leah Lamb (@LeahLamb) says, at last week’s Cop21 Summit, African countries showed they are becoming ‘unexpected champions’ for renewables (Fast Company).

Anmar Frangoul continues CNBC’s series on sustainable energy with a look at how, ‘clean energy in Africa is generating jobs and power’ while South Africa’s department of science & technology reports, ‘Africa cannot advance’ without investing in the sciences.

Biz Dev

The team at VC4Africa (@VC4Africa) caught up with ‘diaspora investor’ Rodrigue Fouafou (@RodrigueFouafou) for a conversation on what the Cameroonian-Canadian CEO has been up to (VC4Africa).

At the 2015 Africa Future Awards, Chude Jideonwo (@Chude) talked about the ‘alternative reality’ some Africans are living in and how ‘329 million mobile phones is not growth, it is consumption’ (Ladybrille).

Identity & Culture

The bloggers at Black Women of Brazil share some amazing photos from the Afro Fashion Day Salvador in Bahia that put Black culture, beauty and fashion ‘on center stage’ (Black Women of Brazil).

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