You should know

U.S. President Barack Obama has lifted sanctions on Liberia. A White House spokesman said Liberia’s “tremendous progress” in becoming more democratic and its commitment to building strong political and economic institutions since ending its civil war in 2003 were key factors in the President’s decision (VOA News).

The UN Security Council is adopting a new resolution to, ‘pave the way’ for the deployment of peacekeepers to Burundi as violent conflicts in the country continue to escalate (BBC Africa).

In Ghana, the NPP is rejecting the petition from Paul Afoko challenging his suspension from his position as the party’s National Chairman (Graphic).

U.S defense officials say they back President Buhari’s strategy against Boko Haram, and his plans for ending poverty and corruption in Nigeria (Naija 247 News).

What We Need

Dalberg Global’s regional director for Africa, Madjiguene Sock says, “it’s about time for a shift in U.S. engagement with Africa” as he examines the role of entrepreneurship in US-Africa economic relations (How we made it in Africa).

Biz Dev

The Rev. Dr. Richard Turnbull says, “profit is deeply moral“. The Director of the Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics says he believes profit proves an economy is not a, “zero-sum game” (CapX).

Jemila Abdulai (@jabdulai) went looking for, a “chill” coffee spot in Accra and discovered, Café Kwae, its inspiring owner, Yvette Ansah and her all-women team of entrepreneurial chefs (Circumspecte).

Our Environment

Mel Bailey (@MelB4FreePress) brings us a story of how the Fablab team from Ker Thiossane is using  e-waste to teach kids about sustainable tech in Dakar.

Identity & Culture

It’s Friday! Missy Elliott is back with her 1st single in 7 years. Watch Missy and Pharrell in, WTF (Where They From) and check out her dance crew at they hit’em with the Shoki in this new video (Youtube).


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