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U.S. first lady Michelle Obama visited a leadership camp for girls Monday in Liberia, part of an effort to promote girls’ education in Africa. Obama met with young women in Kakata at a project sponsored by the Peace Corps, after receiving a red-carpet welcome in Liberia’s capital that included traditional dancers.  (VOA)

A campaign to vaccinate 11.6 million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo against yellow fever will start on July 20, the health minister said on Monday. Health Minister Felix Kabange said the aim was to cover everyone in the capital Kinshasa and the provinces of Kwango, Lualaba and Kasai. (Reuters)

South Africa‘s Treasury has recommended that President Jacob Zuma should pay back more than $500,000 of public funds spent upgrading his private residence with facilities including a chicken coop and a swimming pool. The Treasury said in a statement on Monday that Zuma, the head of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party, should pay back $509,000 for the unnecessary renovations. (AlJazeera)

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Calls are being made for artists addressing technology and/or creative technologists from the Southern African region to participate in the annual Fak’ugesi Digital Africa Festival’s Residency in Johannesburg, South Africa. The focus of the Fak’ugesi Festival in 2016 is on the role of alternative knowledge and organisational systems in technology. (Dynamic Africa)

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Summer exhibition Who I Am: Rediscovered Portraits from Apartheid South Africa showing at the Walther Collection Project Space in NYC presents a rare glimpse into the private lives and aspirations of Black, Indian and Coloured South Africans under Apartheid rule.

Spanning Indian photographer Singarum “Kitty” Jeevaruthnam Moodley’s portfolio from 1972 to 1984, the dynamic black-and-white photo portraits capture the experiences of the poor and working class as they experimented with traditional and modern fashion while bending societal norms of gender, ethnicity and culture.  (OkayAfrica)

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