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Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has fired anti-corruption chief Ibrahim Lamorde. The President’s spokesman gave no reason for the removal of the ex-chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Since August however, Lamorde has faced allegations that $5bn in assets and cash recovered by the EFCC had been ‘gone missing’ from the commission. Assistant Police Commissioner Ibrahim Mustafa Magu has been appointed as the EFCC acting commissioner (BBC Africa / ht Sara Firth @Sara_Firth).

Following the resignation of MTN CEO Sifiso Dabengwa, there is, ‘pressure mounting‘ on Mike Ikpoki, head of MTN’s Nigerian division, to also step down from his role with the country’s largest mobile network provider following its record setting fines from Nigeria’s NCC (This Day Live).

The Bloomberg Africa Business Media Innovators summit and the Power-Reporting – African Investigative Journalism Conference continue today in Johannesburg. The #BABMI brings together media influencers, journalists, technologists, and business leaders to, ‘promote innovation in the sector and improve access to high-quality data and information on the continent‘. #PowerReporting is the largest gathering of investigative journalists on the continent with a focus on how the media can bring more transparency, accountability, and good governance to African nations through journalism. AR’s Selase Kove (@selasekove) is live tweeting from the conference, follow #PowerReporting for updates throughout the day.

What We Need

In the U.S., the University Of Missouri school President has resigned following intense pressure from students, faculty and alumni. Students, lead by graduate student, Jonathan Butler (@_JonathanButler) had been engaging in a weeks-long protest against university officials’ handling of racism on campus (BuzzFeed).

The Nation has these, ‘3 lessons‘ from Mizzou President Tim Wolfe’s resignation (The Nation). And Juana Summer (@jmsummers) remembers her time as a Black student at the University of Missouri and says, ‘racism there is nothing new‘ (Mashable).

Civic Tech

Google has made its Artificial Intelligence Engine an open source project (WIRED). The software, known inside Google’s Mountain View headquarters as, Tensor Flow, is being made available to the public with the goal Google says, of ‘accelerating the evolution of AI through open source’.

Urban Centers

Nigeria’s federal government is approving the construction of the $2.4 billion Lagos Red Line Rail Project after more 8 years of intense negotiations (Leadership NG). And  the Lagos light rail project is expected to be completed by Dec 2016 says Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode (Business Day). Nigerians say they are hopeful the new railway  projects will ease the stifling traffic in Lagos, creating opportunities for more investments in Africa’s largest city while improving its citizens quality of life.

Identity & Culture

Today Nigerians are celebrating the life of human rights activist and writer Ken Saro-Wiwa who was executed along with eight others on this day, twenty years ago. His son, Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr. says, ‘finally it seems my father may not have died in vain’ and offers this remembrance of him (The Guardian). On Twitter, Ken Saro-Wiwa is trending as current activists continue to fight against the corruption and pollution of Nigeria’s environment.

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