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9 people have been charged in court in Nairobi for their role in yesterday’s deadly demonstrations that authorities say were illegal. At least 3 demonstrators were reported killed Monday after clashes with riot police during protests against Kenya’s electoral commission in several cities across the country. Protests have been held 4 of the past 5 Mondays and protest leaders say they will continue until the government engages in ‘meaningful dialogue’ about changes to the country’s electoral process ahead of next year’s parliamentary elections. (VOA  / BBC News)

The Atlas team (@atlascharts) breaks down in 4 charts how Africa’s biggest economy is shrinking using new data from the National Bureau of Statistics that shows ‘negative growth’ in the 1st quarter of 2016. (Quartz Africa)

ICYMI Eritreans are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their country’s independence from Ethiopia today. While the country is often widely criticized for human rights abuses, thousands of Eritreans from throughout the diaspora have returned to Asmara, the country’s capital, for the street parades, marching bands, dancers, and more as part of the festivities. (BBC Africa)


Ghana’s MEST is partnering with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and the French Agency for Development to host a hackathon next week called The Accra Trotro Apps Challenge. The 2-day event will bring together members of the public transport sector and Ghana’s tech ecosystem to develop solutions to help improve mobility in Accra. (TechCabal)

Smart Cities

Grace Maxhegwane writes for The Cradle (@CradleZa) why she believes, ‘African businesses should care about smart cities’ and looks ahead to the 3rd annual, Transform Africa Summit happening in Rwanda in October. (The Cradle)


Meet the ‘small band of chefs with Nigerian and American roots’ who are giving a “fresh look” to some of Nigeria’s favorite dishes and creating dining spaces that are, “just as much about social commentary as they are about food”. (Tasting Table)

Arts & Culture

Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) is ‘making a case for Black joy’ with his latest release, Coloring Book. (The Fader)


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