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Voting polls are open in the Central African Republic as the country hopes to bring stability to its government and end nearly 3 years of violence since the 2013 coup. More than 1.8 million people are expected to turn out to choose from among 30 presidential candidates. You can follow live coverage of the election and reactions on Twitter using #CARelections (VOA News).

In Burundi, President Pierre Nkurunziza is threatening to fight any AU peacekeepers sent to his country. The AU has said it is ready to send a 5,000 member peacekeeping force to protect civilians from ongoing violence (Reuters Africa).

ICYMI Roch Marc Kabore has been sworn in as the new president of Burkina Faso. The one time prime minister is the country’s first democratically elected leader in decades following the October 2014 uprising that lead to the overthrow of former ruler, Blaise Compaore (Reuters Africa) .

What We Need

As we head toward 2016, Joy Mwaniki shares some of the ‘best opportunities’ for young Africans looking for scholarships, grants, and fellowships in the new year over @ayibamagazine (Ayiba Magazine) and Benoni Tagoe (@NoniBizz) looks at the “genesis” of the ‘glamorization of entrepreneurship’ and thinks maybe it’s not just all about chasing the dream (Medium).

Generation Next

Hope Wabuke (@HopeWabuke) caught up with Nnedi Okorafor (@Nnedi) and says the award winning, Nigerian-America author is, ‘putting Africans at the center of science fiction and fantasy’ (The Root).

Be Well

Eunice Onwona (@eonwona) met up with social entrepreneur, Yorm Ackuaku (@yorm_a), the founder of Essence13, and a sponsor of the #AccraFoodHack, to learn about the opportunities she sees for creating extraordinary eating experiences, conscious consumption, a successful tourism industry, and making African food the next gastronomic trend.

Identity & Culture

With only 2 more days until 2016, we continue our list of year-end-lists with Nadia Darwesh (@nadzdarwesh) and her, ’10 African illustrators you should know’ (AfriPop Magazine).

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