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India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) pitches a, ‘partnership of prosperity‘ to African leaders at the India-African  Forum Summit with pledges of $10 billion in loans and an offer of $600 million in assistance. Follow IAFS2015 for live updates of today’s programs.

The Central African Republic is scheduling presidential and parliamentary elections for December. This comes after delayed attempts at restoring democracy in a country rocked by fighting since 2013 (The Guardian / Reuters).

The UN is backing a, ‘tougher African Union stance‘ on Burundi, following warning signs of a ‘threat of genocide’  and a civil war (Mail & Guardian).

Electoral commission chief for Tanzania, Damian Lubuva said he has, ‘ruled out’ annulling the country’s election results for the presidency and parliament. Opposition presidential candidate Edward Lowassa had been calling for the elections to be ‘scrapped’ (BBC Africa Live).

Civic Tech

Bernard Marr (@bernardmarr) has these 17 facts about the ‘Internet of Things‘ all developers, consumers, policy makers and government regulators should read (Forbes).

Freedom House’s latest report is out and for the 5th straight year, the internet is less free than the year before (VOA News).

An Argentine startup is trying to, reinvent governance  with DemocracyOS, an open-source platform for voting and political debate for political parties and governments (The Atlantic).

What We  Need

Double Eph (@DoubleEph) says there’s, ‘something rotten‘ in Nigeria’s educational system  and its values that needs correcting after learning of recent complaints from parents of grade schoolers about the, ‘disturbing material’ students were given to read (Medium).

Biz Dev

Cameron Peake (@CameronPeake) has these, 3 trends to watch in emerging market FinTech (Wharton FinTech / Medium).

Our Environments

Kids in Accra are ‘growing green‘ with new programs from the team at Environment360, one of the organizations featured in our Road to Resilience series. Follow #Rd2Resilience on Twitter to learn more about Accra’s change makers who are making the city safer, cleaner, and more sustainable for the future.


An all-new, improvisational, one-woman show from Erykah Badu, “Live Nudity“, debuts tonight at Dallas’ Black Academy of Arts and Letters. Not in Dallas, check out the first track from her upcoming mixtape, ‘Hotline Bling But U Caint Use My Phone Mix‘ (Pitchfork).

RIP Sam Sarpong… (Us Weekly).

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