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Plans for a, ‘great green wall’ across the Sahara are being made today in Senegal as ministers from 20 African countries begin discussions on how to create Africa’s largest rural sustainable development program, stretching more than 7,000km from Senegal to Djibouti. The idea first began at last year’s COP21 climate change summit and which is backed by the EU, UN, and World Bank. (BBC Africa)

Starbucks is planning to increase its number of stores in South Africa by 900% after its ‘groundbreaking opening’ in Johannesburg in April, its 1st location in sub-Saharan Africa. (The Nerve Africa)

ICYMI efforts for political mediation have been postponed until later this month in Burundi with officials saying they need more time to consult with the government and its opponents. There was hope appointing former Tanzanian president Benjamin Mkapa would jumpstart’ the process but ongoing violence in the country continues to further complicate attempts at a peaceful intervention. (VOA News)


Executive Director of the Smart Chicago Collaborative, Daniel X. O’Neil (@danxoneil) writes how smart cities, ‘have to serve people and be responsive’ to their needs as a community. (Medium)


Researches with Knowledge@Wharton (@whartonknows), the online research and business analysis journal of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, look at the ‘big impact of microfinance’ throughout the diaspora from Rwanda to the Dominican Republic in this report for the World Economic Forum. (World Economic Forum)


Jason Njoku (@JasonNjoku), founder of iROKOtv, say if you’d have bet on his, ‘Netflix for Africa’ 5 years ago, you’d have made a 3,000% return like some of his early investors as his company prepares to invest in developing as much as 300 hours of original programming in 2016. (Quartz Africa)

Arts & Culture

Branden Peters (@BrandenLSK) checks in on the, ‘small, tight-knit cast of L.A. jazz musicians’ who helped create To Pimp a Butterfly, the Grammy award-winning album from Kendrick Lamar and ‘how jazz saved hip hop again’. (Playboy)

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