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Catch up on some of the very best from the AR team from the month of November and enjoy this guide to, ‘a smarter conversation…’

What We Need

At The Africa Reports’ inaugural #ARDebates in Accra, 2 teams comprised of some of the continent’s most respected politicians, policy makers and business leaders, faced off in an attempt to answer one question, “should economic development take precedence over political democracy?

Generation Next

The African Youth Gala takes place Saturday in London. Laila Johnson-Salami (@LailaJohnson_ ) met up with the event’s co-founder Debola Daniel (@Debola_Daniel) before the big night to talk about the importance of networking and the gala’s goals of ‘building connections with Africans in the diaspora‘ from across business, technology, and politics.

And earlier in the month, we were at Ghana’s National Startup Festival. Meet some of this year’s participants and learn more about the event from its coordinators by reading up on this post and watch our video on Youtube.

Biz Dev

To wrap up Global Entrepreneurship Week in Senegal, women from all sectors of the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem came together to, “create a safe environment for discussions” between experienced business women and those new to entrepreneurship.

This month we also met social entrepreneur Emi-Beth Quantson, CFO at Impact Hub Accra and founder of Kawa Moka, winner of the 2015 Ghana StartUp Cup.

Our Environment

With COP21 getting ready to begin in December, we met up with oceanographer Professor Bamol Ali Sow in Senegal to learn how climate change is causing rising sea levels along Africa’s coasts in this animation (Youtube).

And we continued our, Road to Resilience series with two more stories. One looks at how Accra can benefit from a BRT system while the second reviews new digital tools to help urban farmers battle climate change.

Identity & Culture

This week the African Diaspora Film Festival celebrating Black cinema begins in New York City. We met with the event’s founder, Dr. Reinaldo Barroso–Spech to find out why after 22 years of hosting the festival, he believes it’s still important to, ‘promote an alternative image of Africans and people of African descent‘.

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