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A Kenyan High Court will rule whether opposition demonstrators can hold a rally tomorrow after the government banned any protests on the country’s ‘Freedom Day’ overs security concerns. Recent protests demanding electoral reform in Kenya have caused deadly violence with charges of police brutality. The opposition says it only wants to use Freedom Day, a day when Kenyans commemorate winning self-government in 1963, as a ‘day of reflection’ according to Raila Odinga, former prime minister and one of the groups leaders. (BBC Africa)

President Muhammadu Buhari says his government is, ‘resolved to keep the country’s exchange rate steady’ while supporting Nigeria’s central bank’s decision to shift to a more flexible exchange rate policy. (CNBC Africa)

ICYMI the Court in Senegal has sentenced former Chadian president Hissene Habré to life in prison after finding him guilty of crimes against humanity, war crimes and torture. Read Mel Bailey’s (@MelB4FreePress) reporting from Dakar earlier this year on, ‘the beginnings of Pan-African justice’ and more on the Habré trial in our justice reports. (VOA News)


Kofi Yeboah (@KofiEmeritus) looks at how local organizations like the Alliance for Accountable Governance and @GhanaDecides are opposing any proposed shutdown of social media platforms during this Ghana’s upcoming presidential elections for Global Voices Advocacy, a project that, ‘reports on censorship and free speech online’. (Global Voices)

Smart Cities

On the island nation of Mauritius, Ebène Cybercity was built to create a hi-tech hub that would form a modern working environment.But 15 years later, does it “offer a roadmap for Africa” or point toward future problems? (The Guardian)

Big Thinkers

A new book by researcher Leo Zeilig(@leozeilig) focuses on, ‘the influence of revolutionary Frantz Fanon’ and how one of the Africa’s most celebrated revolutionaries views remain influential long after his death. (Quartz Africa)

Arts & Culture (& Music)

It’s the last day of May and we’re celebrating the month that was with this May 2016 Playlist from @DynamicAfrica ~ enjoy! (Dynamic Africa / Soundcloud)

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