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Need to Know: 2016 AGRA Africa Food Prize

With 200 million hectares, sub-Saharan Africa is home to nearly half the world’s uncultivated land, land that could be used for resilient agricultural practices. But locally, farmers are faced with many environmental challenges preventing them from cultivating these lands. In eastern and southern parts of the continent, farmers are experiencing changes in rainfall patterns as a result of climate change. Soil is becoming depleted and many farmers are unable to afford fertilizers to treat their crops.

Risks and rewards of bagged water in West Africa

Large trucks and buses roll through the only paved road connecting Dakar to Bamako, transporting passengers and merchandise to villages along the way. Every 50 kilometers or so, those trucks and buses stop – drawing women and children out from behind their red earth covered tables and roadside stands carrying bags of water in a bowl on their heads. In most of these towns, these bags of water are the only way to keep people safely hydrated since potable water is not common.

Akon brings his energy to #PAS16

At this year’s Powering Africa Summit, American-Senegalese rapper and social-entrepreneur, Akon took to the stage to talk about Akon lighting Africa and his goal of improving quality of life across the continent by providing electricity to millions of Africans using solar energy. The project launched in 2014 in partnership with Samba Battily and Thione Niang and is already providing electricity to more than a dozen countries in West Africa including, Senegal, Mali, and Niger.

How the Fablab uses e-waste to teach kids about sustainable tech

On a sunny day in downtown Dakar, children from the ages of 10-15 gathered at a workshop hosted by the Fablab creators from Ker Thiossane to learn how discarded electronics can be used to build a working computer. The children were asked to sit around a table covered in scattered, shiny bits of a recycled desktop computer as two instructors held up the pieces and asked, “who knows what this is?”