To wrap up Global Entrepreneurship Week in Senegal (@gewsn), the Ambassador of Female Entrepreneurship and her team hosted an event that brought together women from all sectors of Senegal’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Attendees of the Women Leadership Entrepreneurial Conference in Senegal

Attendees of the Women Leadership Entrepreneurial Conference in Senegal

Architects, mechanics, ecologists, and fashion designers were all in attendance at this year’s event. Angelina Correa Cissé, one of the event organizers, said the team’s goal was to create a safe environment for discussions between experienced and debuting entrepreneurs.

“For us it’s important to host exchanges to promote entrepreneurship, obviously today we’re speaking a lot about female entrepreneurship, but to be an entrepreneur in general is also important. I think that regularizing these types of meet ups so exchanges can be made with different partners and future collaborations can be built, is a must. It is important or a new entrepreneur to have models, and examples to be able to advance.” – Angelina Correa Cissé

Ndiono Ndiaye gives speech on breaking conventions in Senegalese society.

Ndiono Ndiaye gives a speech on how women can break conventions in Senegalese society.

Political feminist, Fanta Diallo, gave a speech about what she said are the major obstacles facing Senegalese women entrepreneurs, “we lack role models here in Senegal, we lack people telling little girls they too can be whatever they want or start their own businesses. Entrepreneurship isn’t just financing, it’s also drive.”

The three female members of the ecological start-up E-Cover gave a riveting speech that resulted in a standing ovation and even promises of financing from investors in attendance. Other more experienced entrepreneurs, like Ndino Ndiaye, the Deputy General of the International Organization on Migration and former Minister of Women, Children and Family Affairs, lent inspiring words to young Senegalese women, encouraging them to create their society, not just be a part of it.

“In each woman there is a leader, in each woman there is an entrepreneur, the only thing that holds us back in Senegal is the society, we have to show them.” – Ndino Ndiaye

Throughout the week, the Global Entrepreneurship organization hosted more than 30 activities throughout Senegal. You can learn more about the 36 other African countries that participated in this year’s celebrations at,