You should know

An EgyptAir Flight taking off from Alexandria was forced to land in Cyprus after being hijacked by a passenger claiming to be wearing an explosive. Current reports are most of the passengers and crew on board have been freed but that several remain captive. BBC News’ live blog has continuous update (BBC).

The International Cocoa Initiative is working to end child trafficking and unsafe child labor practices among cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire through awareness campaigns and financial incentives (VOA).

ICYMI Nigeria has accused 300 firms and individuals of embezzling 48 billion naira (more than $240million USD) through fraudulent defense contracts in what a spokesperson for Muhammadu Buhari says is part of the president’s, ‘widening crackdown’ on graft and corruption (CNBC Africa).

Civic Tech

Andrew McLaughlin (@McAndrew) offers, “the Hacker Way Forward”, or how he believes, ‘Facebook can, fix Free Basics in two simple moves’ (Medium).

Generation Next

Check out these 3 views of tech innovation in Africa from @TEDTalks and IBM filmed on location in Nairobi, Cape Town, and Lagos showcasing innovative projects that use IBM’s Watson technology for, ‘insight and everyday problem-solving in local conditions’ (TED Blog).


The team @cgiarclimate looks at a new program in Rwanda that will ‘transform agriculture through climate information and historic data reconstruction’ (

Identity & Culture

an “interesting” (but perhaps poorly titled) look at life in Nigeria’s megacity of Lagos‘is Lagos the most dangerous party city on the planet?’ (Playboy).

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