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Some 2,977 people have perished in the Mediterranean Sea so far this year, with people dying at a rate of around 20 a day since March.The benchmark of nearly 3,000 was reached faster this year than in any previous year since the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean began, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Friday. (Al Jazeera)

A leading Muslim group in Nigeria has welcomed a court ruling lifting the ban on girls wearing the headscarf in government schools in Lagos state.  The Muslim Rights Concern (MRC) said the Lagos Court of Appeal’s ruling was a victory for the rule of law. The judges said the ban violated the religious rights of Muslim girls, overturning a lower court’s ruling. (BBC)

In a report assessing debt levels against the backdrop of fragile global financial markets, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad) recognised that traditional aid is not going to cover the estimated $600bn-$1.2tn (£455-£910bn) cost of implementing the sustainable development goals in Africa, but warned that plugging the gap with debt was risky. The report paints a somewhat sombre picture of African economic prospects, with multiple risks and fresh funds needed to tackle climate change and other challenges. (The Guardian)

Generation Next 

Key players in childhood education came together for the first time in West Africa to speak about innovations and new strategies in early stage learning. The conference brought to light some of the challenges facing infantile development in the region and proposed solutions to these problems. Mel Bailey (@melb4freepress) writes about early leaning toolkits introduced at this years conference.

What we need 

This week, Laila Johnson-Salami (@LailaJohnson_) wrote about the 5 reasons why sexual violence is one of Nigeria’s most serious social problems. In this piece she talks about the need for more laws to protect women, the demand for more mental health professionals and the stigma against men who fall victim of sexual violence.

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In this week’s #TravelDiaries series, Eunice Onwona (@eonwona) and Selase Kove-Seyram (@Selasekove) take us on a trip to the 25th anniversary celebration of the Obohene (Chief of Obo), Yeboah Afari Obuagyan II.

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