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In Central African Republic, 2 ex-prime ministers will face off for the presidency in a final round of elections on January 31st. Anicet-Georges Dologuélé received 23.78% of votes while Faustin-Archange Touadéra won 19.42% during the 1st round back on December 30th (The Guardian).

The international Human Rights Watch organization says security forces in Ethiopia have killed at least 140 people who have taken part in recent anti-government demonstrations. The protests are in reaction to a plan to expand Addis Ababa’s control into the Oromia region, displacing local farmers, while the Ethiopian government is accusing Oromo protesters of being linked to terrorist groups (BBC News).

ICYMI  scheduled peace talks between Burundi’s government and opposition groups have been postponed without being rescheduled. A senior Burundi official was quoted as saying the government will not speak with those who are “supporting violence” (VOA News).

What We Need

Siddhartha Mitter (@siddhmi) shares ‘some big picture thoughts’ for West Africa in 2016 that point toward, “a brighter future” (The National).

CEO and founder of Nigerian fintech company Paga, Tayo Oviosu (@oviosu) is starting his 2016 with 1 goal in mind, “creating an army of entrepreneurs and creating jobs!” (Medium).

Generation Next

Yomi Kazeem (@TheYomiKazeem) writes about Yusuf Hassan, a UK-based Nigerian who has created a Muslim-only social network to help tackle Islamophobia (Quartz Africa).

Biz Dev

Local women from Senegal’s southern region are building economic independence by creating sustainable oyster farms along the Casamance River (AfricaRizing).

Identity & Culture

Oliver Gettell (@ogettell) gives us our 1st look at Lupita Nyong’o in Disney’s upcoming film, The Queen of Katwe about the Ugandan chess prodigy (Entertainment Weekly).

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