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2/3rds of the 30 candidates running for president of Central African Republic are demanding authorities halt the vote count over allegations of ‘irregularities’ in the balloting (Reuters Africa) while the UN is investigating new allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse involving 4 young girls by UN peacekeepers in Bangui (The Guardian).

Cote d’Ivoire President Alassane Quattara has accepted the resignation of the country’s prime minister and other government officials so he can appoint a new government with, “better coherence as a goal” following his re-election to a 2nd 5-year term in October (BBC News).

ICYMI the Democratic Republic of Congo will release about 2,000 prisoners this month as government officials hope to calm political tensions ahead of this year’s presidential election and reduce overcrowding in its jails. Human rights groups have criticized DRC’s government for ‘ignoring’ prisoners they say have been detained for accusing President Joseph Kabila of attempting to remain in power (VOA News).

What We Need

The Washington Post Editorial Board (@PostOpinions) says, the UN should support the AU’s efforts in Burundi and ‘make clear’ that a boycott of this week’s peace talks is not acceptable. (h/t @KarenAttiah)

Biz Dev

Software engineer, Blueport CEO and blogger, Adim Ofunne writes about what he sees as, ‘the 5 things slowing the growth of technology in Nigeria’ (TechCabal).

Civic Tech

Hadassah Egbedi (@OfejiroHadassaH) looks at the most recent African innovations you should know from Uganda, Malawi, and Tanzania (Ventures Africa).


Naziru Mikailu (@azirumikailu) is one of 1,000s of Nigerians being affected by the new forex restrictions while trying to use his Nigerian bank card abroad and shared his recent experiences with BBC Africa (BBC / Soundcloud).

Our Environment

Senior Researcher Rebecca Garland at CSIR says, it’s “getting very hot” and looks at why countries in sub-Saharan Africa need to make plans to cope with rising temperatures (The Conversation).

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