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AU officials say the international community will not ‘sit by and watch’ as violence, human rights violations and abuses continue in Burundi after reports the Burundian government said it will not agree to allow AU peacekeeping forces to be deployed to the country (VOA News).

Tamerra Griffin (@tamerra_nikol) looks at members of the Burundian diaspora community who are organizing to raise awareness of the crisis in their home country, even as they ‘grapple with the second-hand trauma from it’ (BuzzFeed News).

ICYMI over the weekend, Rwandans voted ‘overwhelmingly’ to support a change to their constitution allowing President Paul Kagame to possibly extend his term in office until 2034 (Reuters Africa).

And Norimitsu Onishi (@onishinyt) looks at whether the US government’s support of gay rights on the continent ‘may have done more harm than good’ for people in Africa by making them ‘more visible, and more vulnerable’ (NY Times).

What We Need

Africa is a Country (@AfricasaCountry) follows up on Nicki Minaj’s controversial concert this weekend in Luanda to ask a group of thinkers and writers about life in contemporary Angola, political repression, and the country’s trial of the “15+2” (Africa is a Country).

Stanford University is revealing plans to open a new regional innovation center in Nairobi in 2016. The center will be the university’s 2nd on the continent under its Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED) program. The program’s goal is to use research and ‘practical innovation’ to create job opportunities and ‘end the cycle of poverty’ in developing economies (Tech Cabal).

Biz Dev

Lily Kuo (@lilkuo) breaks down the African countries that will be ‘most affected’ by last week’s US Federal Reserve rate hike (Quartz Africa) while Morgan Winsor (@MorganWinsor) says Ghana, South Africa, and Angola are at the greatest risk to the Fed’s first rate increase since 2006 (International Business Times).

Identity & Culture

And with only 10 days left in the year, we continue to add to our list of our favorite ‘year-end-lists’ with this one from AfriPop Magazine (@AfriPopMag) on the African women who, ‘stayed slaying’ in 2015.

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