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Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni hopes to restart peace negotiations between Burundi’s government and opposition groups during talks today in Kampala. The peace talks are being backed by the East African Community and UN Security Council with a goal of restoring peace and security in Burundi following months of violence (VOA News).

In northeastern Nigeria near Maiduguri, more terrorists attacks are being reported, leaving at least 20 dead and injuring dozens more. Attackers used rocket-propelled grenades while firing from three trucks during a raid Sunday night and hours later, a female suicide bomber killed at least one person as people lined up to pass through a security checkpoint before entering a mosque for morning prayer (BBC News).

ICYMI the Central African Republic is postponing its elections until December 30th because, “preparations are running late”, said Prime Minister Mahamat Kamoun. The elections, which had bee scheduled for Sunday, are meant to restore ‘democratic rule’ in the country following more than 2 years of chaotic violence (Reuters Africa).

What We Need

Double F  (@DoubleEph) gets to thinking about, “all the ways ‘they’ conspire to hold you down” and how, ‘DJ Khaled reveals the major keys to success’ for people in Nigeria (Medium).

Urban Environments

Responding to growing environmental and safety concerns, officials in Dakar say they are planning to ‘phase out all car rapides in the city by 2018’ and replace them with newer – and less colorful – mini-buses (NY Times) while Jacob Kushner (@JacobKushner) writes about his experiences with Uber in Nairobi and how it needs to respond to local conditions, and competitors, to succeed in Kenya (Ozy).

Biz Dev

Clinton McDubus writes for @AfricaontheRise about the latest report from GVEP International and how, ‘SMEs are leading in delivering green energy’ in Africa (Africa on the Rise).

Identity & Culture

We keep it going with our list of year-end-lists with this tag team effort from Bobby Carter (@DJCuzzinB) + Kianna Fitzgerald (@NPRandB) and ‘the top 10 slept-on r&b albums’ of 2015 (NPR Music).

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