You should know

Government officials from Burundi say they will not join in new peace talks scheduled for Wednesday in Tanzania. On Monday, ‘unidentified assailants’ fired 3 shells into Bujumbura’s center, landing only a few meters from the mayor’s offices and injuring three people as violence in and around the capital continues (VOA News).

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is holding talks with IMF managing director, Christine Lagarde (@Lagarde) today as the country, ‘seeks to spend its way out of an economic crisis’ (Reuters Africa).

ICYMI the US is shutting down its drone operation in Ethiopia. The US military had been using a base in Arba Minch, about 250 miles south of Addis Ababa, to launch surveillance drones as part of counter-terrorism efforts in eastern Africa (BBC Africa).

What We Need

Michael Famoroti (@mikey_fam) shares the story of The Prince and the Pauper as he makes the case for economic migration in a “superficially globalized world” (Stears NG) while Akin Oyebode (@AO1379) looks at recent increases to Nigeria’s exchange rate, ‘the bridge between truth and lies’, and why the second Niger bridge project has stalled (Medium).

Biz Dev

JP Lawrence goes to Nairobi for @motherboard to look at, ‘the western myth of Bitcoin in Kenya’ (VICE).

Generation Next

Get to know Yorm Ackuaku (@yorm_a), the founder of Essense13 and organizer behind #AccraFoodHack happening this weekend. Watch this video where she shares some of her personal cravings, a few favorite ingredients, cooking advice from her mom, and her thoughts on wine (Youtube).

Identity & Culture

Lily Kuo (@lilkuo) looks at Comic Republic, a comics startup based in Lagos ‘creating a universe of superheroes for Africans’ and readers around the world (Quartz Africa).

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