You should know

Zimbabwe is making the Chinese yuan legal currency after Beijing agreed to cancel $40million in debts while the southern African nation seeks to increase its trade with Beijing (The Guardian).

Nigerian Twitter reacts to President Buhari’s (@NGRPresident) presentation of his budget plans to the National Assembly earlier today with #Budget2016.

In Mali, the government is declaring a 10-day state of emergency in response to ‘threats from unnamed militant groups’. In  a statement released on Monday, authorities said the state of emergency will, “allow them to better identify and counter any project threatening people’s safety” (Reuters Africa).

ICYMI Burkina Faso has issued an international arrest warrant for its former leader, Blaise Compaore, for his role in the 1987 assassination of ex-president Thomas Sankara. Compaore is living in exile in Cote d’Ivoire after being removed from power back in October 2014. Sankara, who is still seen by many West Africans as a heroic, revolutionary figure, was killed in 1987 during the coup that first brought Compaore to power (Al Jazeera).

What We Need

Nigerian writer Enuma Okoro (@enumaokoro) says she is, ‘learning anew just how complex is the history of my country’ in an op-ed for the NY Times as she looks back on, ‘the memory of Biafra’ and Tolu Ogunlesi (@toluogunlesi) shares what he thinks, ‘Nigeria needs to do now to manage the fallout from a new Biafra uprising’ (Quartz).

Urban Environments

Samantha Mooner (@samooner) looks at Addis, Dakar, and Johannesburg and asks, ‘how can Africa create a “transformative path” to build cities that work’ and provide more economic opportunities for their citizens? (Mail & Guardian)

Biz Dev

Jubril Enakele (@JEnakele) says the, ‘key to unlocking Africa’s true economic potential’ is to increase trade with itself (This Day Live).

Identity & Culture

Laina Dawes (@Lainad) keeps our list of our favorite ‘year-end-lists’ going with, ‘the year in innovative Black women’ (Hazlitt).

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